Candela Obscura and Daggerheart. Player interest?

GM based in South Wales, UK. GMT timezone. Willing to sort out scheduling.
Have Candela Obscura campaigns ready to get started, just checking the interset.
Also very interested in potentially playing or GMing Daggerheart!


Hello! I’m in the GMT+8 timezone and am very interested in both!

Where are you based Yeetus?
Played much Candela before?
Id be looking to run sessions via the demiplane video/voice system, not used it yet.

I will preface I am 17 years old
I have not played much Candela before
I’m Asian

I’d like to give this a try! I’ve got a little bit of D&D experience (player not GM) but I’m still interested in trying out a few games before I settle in to one. Daggerheart looks really interesting, if we manage a full GMT group I’d be happy to join!
My availability is Tuesdays and Sundays in the evening, or Saturday mornings.

Hello! I live in Essex, and (although I am extremely new to ttrpg) am interested in both Candela Obscura and Daggerheart. I worry my availability will be troublesome as I am a carer, but wanted to wish you every success and if you would like a back-up person to please let me know. :slight_smile:

I’d love to play! GM and Player for D&D and Pathfiner, but never tried Candela or Daggerheart! I would love to do either of these! GMT timezone

I’d love to join! I’ve played a couple of different TTRPGs and Daggerheart looks like such a fun game, but I’m also very interested in Candela, so I’m good with either or! I’m in Montreal so I’m a bit far when it comes to time zones (GMT-4), but as long as it’s the weekend, I’m willing to make it work!

My availability is pretty good if theres a few who want to set up a Candela game. Discord or Demiplane video, any preference?

Discord, mine is finiteuniverse

Please let me in! Discord is: doug33

Really really interested in play-testing Daggerheart as a player (I can GM but preferably not)

I’d be interested in both Candela and Daggerheart, as a player. No experience on either, just watching CR, I’ve played 5E.
Flexible schedule, GMT+1 timezone. Discord is pxkq