Candela Obscura

Looking for a Candela Obscura game! 18+. Preferably through Zoom. Never played it before, not that it’s been around for a long time. Let’s learn together!

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I’m also very interested in playing and would welcome the opportunity to play together.
Please reach out & let me know you Schedule. With a few more, we can form a circle and start playing

Thursdays CST, open pretty much all day. Wednesdays after 12.

In the meantime, we can talk about character concepts.

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Sounds good. Can we connect this Monday (tomorrow), around 4 EST? I think that’s around 3 per for you? Or, is later better?

Sure, sounds fine. Yes. I’m up late now.

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Oh, crap!!! I’m so sorry, I’m late. Where should we talk?

It’s ok. You pick a day & time?

Thursday! I shouldn’t be exhausted Thursday. Same time. Unless you’re available now.

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ok. 4 pm Thurs (today). Talk then.

Send a reply if you’re in and not hearing me or can’t get in.

I’m so sorry. I didn’t get any sleep last night & crashed around 11 am (trying to push through the day), I just woke up. Are you busy now?

I am, lemme get back in. New link.

We’re at an impasse. The community keeps flagging our meetings as spam. I can’t get back into the other meeting(s) because I left.

You should be able to send a direct message to each other here. If not, I’d be happy to pass along an email address from one DM to another so you can coordinate somewhere that the automod isn’t quite so aggressive about shutting down links. :slight_smile:

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I am unfortunately not seeing the option to send a direct message!

if you click on the name of who you want to message, then the message button will appear as an option

Are you on Discord?