Cannot select Arcane School when making a wizard

Or rather, you can select as many as you want, but it doesn’t add to the (0/1) counter in the field on the left, preventing you from continuing the character creation project.

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Thank you for the report! I’m passing this along.

This is still occurring.

Thanks! We’re still looking into this one.

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Still happening.

How often should I check on this? Have you reproduced this bug? Is it in your bug tracking software?

I don’t want to bug (wink,wink) you too much. So that there was a new release today, so tried it again.

We update the builder and sheet on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and post a summary of all changes and bug fixes when that happens. When this issue has been resolved and the fix is live, you’ll find it on that log, and we’ll also do our best to post here in this thread. :heart:

Can you provide a link for where the change log is posted?

It’s not something I have ever stumbled across. It’s probably in an area I just don’t frequent that often.

Ok, came on to this to bring up that with both the fighter and wizard I am having trouble with the class building selection process, where the system won’t recognize a selection. But you guys are on it and I will look for the Changelog

As it kind of relates to this, I’ll just add this here: I think picking the universalist school option just adds all school to your character.

Just want to bump this, I was unable to select any school. When I chose one, it never updated as complete on the checklist. Screenshot attached showing illusion school selected and checklist at 0/1

For those asking, the changelog is typically posted here in the forums most Tuesdays and Thursdays when updates are rolled out. Look for a thread from BadEye, as he usually posts them.

Here’s a link to last Thursday’s, so you can see what they look like: Update Notes 1/12/2023