Cannot share content to with my group with Pathfinder Nexus

I was able to share content originally but as I started adding new people to the group I became unable to add the newer players.

I had one player already shared within the group, so I removed them to troubleshoot if it was account specific and they are not able to get the content shared either.

My account says I have 0/0 shares left but just renewed my subscription…

It sounds like there’s a glitch with your share slots. If you send us a support ticket we’ll get that fixed for you! :slight_smile:

I have done so already: # 3555

Ah yes, I saw it come in and sent it to our dev team to fix the issue. Our support hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Central and I want to respect our team’s time off over the weekend, but I can confirm that we’ve seen it and are working on it. We should have that resolved for you by Monday morning at the latest. :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you so much! I appreciate your promptness glad to be able to continue with the setup on Monday. For the latest Remaster content, will that content be available in the character creation tools for Pathfinder Nexus on the 15th as well?

We just shared an update about that on our Dev Update stream over the last two weeks. The digital reader and rules compendium content will be available on the 15th, but we’re not quite going to hit that date for the Remastered content in the character tools.

We’re getting close to releasing our Pathfinder character tools refactor, which will be the full release version of the tools, and initially thought we would be able to have both ready by the 15th. That hasn’t played out quite the way we expected, but the remaster content will be releasing with the new version of the character tools shortly after the 15th and definitely before the end of the year, but we don’t have an exact release date for that just yet. :slight_smile:

Understood thanks again, Is that information regarding the remastered content for the tools going to be put out in any vectors apart from the dev stream? OR is the dev stream the best place to find out that info?

The Dev Update is the best place to get that information. We do cross-post notes from that stream here to the forums on the same day (Tuesdays), and post the video to YouTube the day after (Wednesdays) in case you can’t watch the stream live.

There will likely be some messaging here on the forums and on social media once the new version of the character tools is released, but I would keep an eye on the Dev Updates for information ahead of the refactor launch. :slight_smile: