Can't add skill feats at rogue bonus levels

When rogues level up in the drop-downs for each level it shows bonus Skill Feat, but it appears only informational. There is no way to select a skill feat to apply to the option, and doesn’t actually show up in the little “number of options available” bubble, for lack of a better term. Also, thoughtthey are not selectable the column to the right shows all skill feats regardless of pre-requisites, but I’m sure that is already known.

Yeah, I can’t seem to pick the racket or skill training or any of that other then the class itself.

Is this still the case? I’m not able to replicate this right now.

It has been, but not always or with same class. I will try to click to add the class bonuses and that and have a blank space until like level 9. But I also made a fighter and went all the way through ok.

That sounds very odd. Since I can’t replicate it on my end, could you take a screenshot the next time you encounter this so I can see what you’re seeing and create a bug report off of it? :slight_smile:

Sure thing. Would I just post it here?

That would be perfect!

I’m getting this issue with character 8215, skill feat selectors remain black and you can’t select them.

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Thanks for reporting!