Can't seem top prepurchase anything

I’m from Canada my address and payment method have been updated in my profile.
When I click ‘add to cart’ the green button gets greyed out. but nothing shows up in my cart.

I think non-US payments aren’t sorted out yet but will be soon.

Edit: I might be wrong and Canada is sorted out. Feel free to ignore me.

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Ok seems the issue was (is) with Chrome, even after ‘hard’ reset.
Signed in with Edge and was able to make the purchases without a hitch. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the report. We have not heard of any issues with Chrome, and other purchases are successfully going through in that browser. It could have perhaps been an extension interaction causing a problem, but those are sometimes hard to track down.

We will keep an eye on it to see if any other reports come in and dig into it if they do - we appreciate the information and I am glad you got to make the pre-order.

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I used Vivaldi to get my Gamemastery Guide, and it’s based on Chrome. Is it possible an addon was mucking things up?

My Chrome is pretty clean but it’s possible. I’m also using Windows 11 and there has been some “weirdness” :wink:

I also cannot pre order any books as of today 12/16. Edge browser, windows 10. No updates that I know of since my last purchase… november 10th. Same PC using now. I successfully ordered a book on the digital reader on that date & Nov 2.

What’s up?

Hello @preacher - we were able to investigate and fix your cart. You should be good to go now if you can try again. This was a related issue to when this was originally reported, so it should be addressed going forward.

Thanks for letting us know and please share if you run into any other issues.

I was able to purchase. Thank you.

I am building my library of books, so when we get an official launch I will be ready to go.

SO excited for this service. Thanks for all that you are doing.

I feel so blessed to live in a time such as this. To be a role player & have this digital toolset to use to play Pathfinder, it’s really a great time to be alive.

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