Can't select guardian in character creation

When I try to make a new character in daggerheart, I can select every single class except the guardian. Whenever I select it, it just puts me back in the class select screen. What can I do?

Hey Kritan,

This is most likely an issue we are seeing with bad data getting cached. If you clear your cache, you should be good to go!

However, if you happen to be on desktop and have a few extra minutes to spare, I would love if you could do a quick test for me before you reset your cache (if you have the time! this would just help us track down the issue, the following is not required :slight_smile: )

If you are on chrome, while in the builder, if you could:

  1. hit f12 to open the console

  2. click the application tab at the top

  3. on the left under storage, and open up the path indexedDB → modules → modules → name

  4. in the search bar, search for tabula/class/bard-playtest.eng (or one of the classes you have tried and did not work on)
    and take a picture of the value of that, like this

once again the above would just help us dive into this issue, and not needed to solve it for yourself!