Can't verify new account

Hi there I’m trying to create a new account on Demiplane. I’ve got to the screen that wants to verify my email address and clicked three times now to send a verification email, but nothing ever arrives. How long should it take? I’ve checked I typed the right address and my spam folder etc etc and tried sending myself an email to check that’s working and it is, the verification just never arrives.

Weirdly I was able to create a messageboard account here to ask this question just fine, with no verification required. I guess it’s a different system to the main demiplane account…?

Hi Jon, could you please submit a support ticket for our team to take a closer look at what’s happening here?

Hi there - I got four confirmation emails through at the same time in the end… they were just delayed by 30 mins, probably for reasons. Anyway, I’m in now. Thanks!

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