Cantrips as first levels spells in the Character Sheet


I just came back to Demiplane and tried the Pathfinder Character Builder. I don’t know if I missed something, but when I create a Wizard character and try to add any cantrip to my spellbook, they show as first-level spells instead of Cantrips, as shown on the screenshot.

Is this a current limitation of the character tool or a known issue?


Not just cantrips, the spellbook is completely broken.

What exactly do you mean when you say it’s completely broken? I’ve taken a look and have identified two bugs that I’ve ticketed for our team to dig into, but I want to make sure that I understand what you’re seeing.

We will take a look at the issue with cantrips appearing as first level spells as well. :slight_smile:

Could you please share this character sheet with me? If you click on the character portrait it will open the sheet settings menu, and at the bottom of that menu, you can update the share settings to let anyone with the link view, and then copy/paste the link here for me to pass on to the team to take a look. :slight_smile:

Besides cantrips appearing as 1st level spells, once you go into the spellbook to add new spells, it never lets you back out. The system just hangs. It takes a page refresh.

Build a wizard - it will be immediately obvious (on Chrome, btw, with Windows 11).

Great, that’s what I thought you were talking about, but wanted to be sure. Our team is looking into that as we speak.

That’s great to know!

Here is the link to my character. I managed to setup the cantrips correctly by manually removing them from the level 1 spells and adding them to the cantrip section. I think the issue was that they were automatically added in the level 1 section instead of the cantrip section when I selected them in the spellbook.

Also, from my testing, managing prepared spells seems to be relatively smooth. It’s really when clicking the “Managing spellbook” button that issues start to appear, including a complete freeze of the system.

Also, another question: are performances improvements planned in the future? The character sheet in general is great, but it feels sluggish to use. As a dev myself, I completely understand it is to be expected for a beta software, but it’s a big pain point at the moment.

Any tip to squeeze a bit more performances in the meantime? (I tried multiple browsers and two machines, including a 3000$ Mac)

Yes, we are very much aware the Pathfinder character tools are not performant enough at this stage in the beta, and we are actively working on a refactor that will make Pathfinder snappy as we have seen with the character tools for games we have introduced subsequently (Avatar Legends and Vampire).

The first pancake never really comes out how you want it, but we were prepared for that and focused on making some big improvements for Pathfinder - that should happen before the end of the year, or if we don’t quite make it by then cause of our holiday office shutdown, very early in 2024.

In the meantime, there’s not too much you can do on your end, but we will keep everyone posted on all of our channels once the refactor and performance improvements are complete.


That’s awesome, thanks for the detailed answer!

That makes me more comfortable with paying extra for content via Demiplane vs the PDFs only.