Caracter Create Skill Selection Tracking

I posted this in a 4 month old thread but though it may be worth its own - apologies if this is considered a double post! There’s a minor issue with tracking skills (Win 11, Edge). I created a level 1 Human Monk (12 Int), and ehre we go:

  • Ancestry: Human
  • Skilled Heritage: Medicine
  • Background: Martial Disciple
  • Skill Training: Acrobatics
  • Skill Feat: Cat’s Grace
  • Class: Monk
  • Skill Training: Athletics, Crafting, Deception, Nature, Survival

I can then remove Acrobatics from the Skill Training section, and it took it away from my Skilled Heritage. After that the character creator appears to have lost track of what skills were selected when.

I could get the skill points back in the right place by deselecting all of them and starting over.

If I continued this character through to level 5 it gets worse - however the sheet is tracking Skill selections is not 100% accurate.

An additional issue is that the Human Skilled Heritage does not seem to increate the selected Skill to Expert at level 5.

Perhaps on the list of skills, find a way to show or denote where a given skill came from (which will also improve the back-end tracking)?

I know I already replied elsewhere, but thanks for sharing this!