CF ~ Canvas & Steel - a Port Royal adventure - AI guided

This is a play by post log of a swashbuckling adventure I am going to play out with the help of a LLM AI.

I began playing this adventure prior to this thread and rolled for checks along the way separately. Once the posts catch up to where I am, I will continue with dice rolls in the chat.

Here is my character sheet: Julien Blackwood

The initial prompt to the AI is as follows:
Be my Game Master in a role playing game that’s based on Captain Blood. Assume the role of an expert on the works and literary style of Raphael Sabatini. The adventure takes place in a port city in the Carribean. Give a narrative description of everything that follows, based on my actions, in the style of a Raphael Sabatini novel, and without taking control of me or my character. Also provide suitable names for other characters and places. I arrive in a port city in the Carribean. What is the city’s name and what do I see as I arrive?

A small merchant ship sails towards the port city of Port Royal, the salty breeze of the Caribbean sea washes over all who stand on the deck. Among the crowd stands a young man with adventure in his heart and danger in his eyes. His name is Julien Blackwood. He has made the crossing from England and now finds himself on the brink of new adventure. The sound of waves crashing against the hull of the ship fills his ears, as he keeps a keen eye out for any sign of land.

In the distance, a cluster of buildings rise up from the horizon. As the ship draws closer, the passengers can see that this is indeed Port Royal, a bustling city filled with merchants, pirates, and other seafaring folk.

The harbor is filled with ships of all sizes, from massive galleons to sleek sloops, and the air is thick with the scent of saltwater and exotic spices. Disembarking from the vessel and setting foot on the cobblestone streets, the sound of raucous laughter and lively music fills Julien’s ears.

Looking around, he sees a bustling marketplace, filled with vendors selling all manner of goods, from fresh fish to exotic silks. The shouts of merchants hawking their wares, and the clanging of swords from the nearby training grounds ring in the young adventurer’s ears.

Julien decides to visit the training ground. While there, some of the fighters catch his eye.

As Julien makes his way towards the training grounds, the sound of steel clashing against steel grows louder. The training area is bustling with activity, with fighters of all shapes and sizes engaged in practice battles.

He scans the area, his eyes settling on a group of fighters engaged in a particularly intense sparring match. One of them catches the newly landed sailor’s eye, a tall, muscular man with a shock of blonde hair.

As Julien watches, he can see that the man is skilled with a sword, his movements fluid and graceful. His opponent, a wiry man with a shaved head, is no slouch either, and the two of them exchange blows with lightning-fast speed.

Nearby, a group of onlookers has gathered, cheering and jeering as the two combatants exchange blows. A woman with fiery red hair stands at the edge of the crowd, her eyes fixed on the blonde fighter. Julien catches a glimpse of her face, and can see that she is beautiful, with sharp features and an intense gaze.

As the fight draws to a close, the blonde fighter lands a decisive blow, sending his opponent stumbling backwards. The crowd erupts into cheers, and the blonde fighter bows to his opponent before turning to face the crowd. His gaze meets that of the of the young man, and Julien sees a glint of recognition in his eyes.

The adventure seeking youth approaches the fighter and compliment his skill, asking him where he acquired such skill.

A sense of admiration and curiosity wells up inside the brave chest. As Julien draws near, the fighter turns to face the newcomer, a faint smile playing across his lips.

“Thank you, friend,” he says, his voice low and rough. “I have trained for many years to hone my skills with the sword.”

The youth nods, impressed by his dedication. “May I ask where you learned to fight so well?” Julien inquires.

The fighter’s smile broadens, and he leans in slightly. “I have studied under many masters over the years,” he says. “But my greatest teacher was a man named Captain Blood.”

The name sends a jolt of recognition through Julien, and he realizes that he has heard of this infamous pirate before. “Captain Blood?” he repeats, incredulous. “The pirate?”

The fighter chuckles. “Yes, the very same,” he says. “I was lucky enough to cross paths with him some years ago, and he saw potential in me. He took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about swordplay.”

The now fresh faced adventurer listens raptly as the fighter regales those willing to listen with tales of his training under Captain Blood, his words painting vivid pictures of daring raids and epic battles on the high seas. As he speaks, one can’t help but feel a sense of adventure stirring within them, and a desire to experience some of that same excitement for oneself.

“My name is Julien. I have some small skill with the sword, but would thirst for the chance to learn from yourself and your master”, the young man clumsily introduces himself.

The fighter listens intently as Julien explains his reasons for being in Port Royal, nodding thoughtfully as the excited youth speaks. When the introduction finishes, he claps Julien on the shoulder, a friendly smile on his face.

“You have come to the right place, my friend,” he says. “You may call me Marcus. Port Royal is a city filled with adventure and opportunity, if you know where to look. As for Captain Blood, I could certainly introduce you to him, but I must warn you that he is a dangerous man, and not to be taken lightly.”

Julien nods, understanding the risks involved. “I am willing to take that risk,” he says firmly. “I seek only to learn from the best, and to make a name for myself in this world of swords and piracy.”

The fighter grins, his eyes glinting with excitement. “I like your spirit,” he says. “Very well, I will take you to see Captain Blood. But first, there is something you must do for me.”

He gestures towards the red-haired woman who had been watching the sparring match earlier. “Her name is Isabella,” he says. “I have been trying to win her favor for some time now, but she has been elusive. Perhaps you could speak to her on my behalf, and see if you can learn what it is she desires.”

Again, Julien nods, feeling a sense of obligation to the fighter for offering to introduce him to Captain Blood. “I will do what I can,” he says.

Straightening, Julien approaches Isabella taking note of her striking beauty. Her skin is a rich olive hue, and her long dark hair cascades down her back in thick waves. Her eyes, however, hold a certain sadness that seems out of place on such a lovely face. Julien bows before her, and she acknowledges him with a polite smile. “It is unusual to see a lady of your quality watching fighters train. My name is Julien, a newcomer to your shore. I noted that you seem to have an interest in the swordsmen fighting. What, may I ask did you find most interesting about the fight?”, inquires the young man.

“Good sir,” she says, her voice soft and melodic, “it is indeed rare for a lady of my station to observe such things. However, I find the art of swordplay quite fascinating. The precision and skill required to wield such a weapon with grace and speed is truly admirable.”

Julien senses a hint of something else behind her words, perhaps a longing or a yearning for something more. It seems that the swordsman’s hopes of winning her heart are not unfounded, but there may be more to her than meets the eye.

Before he can inquire further, a sudden commotion catches his attention. A group of rough-looking men have entered the tavern, and their intentions do not seem entirely honorable. A quick glance shows that they are armed, and their rough demeanor suggests that they are not to be trifled with.

Isabella’s eyes widen in fear as the men approach. “Please, sir,” she implores, “we must leave this place at once. These men are dangerous, and I fear for our safety.”

“Of course my lady” Julien replies at once. Turning to the swordsman, he asks, “I don’t suppose you know of a discrete exit?”

Marcus nods in agreement, his keen eyes scanning the room for a suitable exit. He spots a narrow alleyway at the back of the tavern and beckons for both to follow him. Isabella clings to Julien’s arm, her fear palpable.

The trio make their way through the crowded tavern, dodging tables and patrons in their haste to reach the safety of the alleyway. Marcus leads the way, his movements quick and sure. As the three emerge into the fresh air, they can see the moon casting a silvery light over the city, and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore fills their ears.

Marcus turns to Isabella, his expression concerned. “My lady, are you all right?” he asks, his voice gentle.

She nods, a tremble in her voice. “Yes, I am unharmed. Thank you for your help, both of you.”

The swordsman smiles at her, a glint in his eye. “It was nothing, my lady. I am but a humble servant of the sword.”

Julien senses a connection between them, a shared passion for the art of swordplay. It seems that the swordsman’s quest to win her heart may not be in vain after all.

The two almost seem to forget that Julien is there until he awkwardly bids them a good night. “It was a pleasure to meet you Miss Isabella. I shall look for you on the morrow Marcus!”

As he strolls through the bustling streets of Port Royal, the salty breeze of the Caribbean sea washing over him, Julien’s thoughts drift to the intriguing duo he just left behind.

His search for lodging takes him down a winding street, where he spots a modest sign that reads “The Blue Parrot Inn.” The inn’s exterior is unremarkable, but as Julien pushes open the door, the sweet scent of rum and the sound of laughter and music draws him in. The interior is dimly lit, but warm and inviting. He sees a group of sailors huddled together, sharing stories and swigs of rum.

Julien makes his way to the bar, where he introduces himself to the innkeeper, a rotund man with a bushy mustache named Henri.

Henri shows the young sailor to his room, which is small and sparsely furnished but clean and comfortable. As he settles in for the night, Julien hears the sounds of the city outside - the creak of wooden wagons, the clatter of horses’ hooves, and the distant sound of the sea.

But his rest is short-lived. Suddenly, there is a loud crash from downstairs, and the sound of panicked voices. Leaping from bed, Julien grabs his sword and rushes to the door.

As he emerge into the hallway, he sees that several other guests have also been roused from their slumber. A few of them are peering nervously down the stairs, while others are frantically gathering their belongings and preparing to flee.

Making his way down the stairs, sword at the ready, Julien steps into the common room of the inn. The scene is chaotic - a cart has crashed through the front of the inn, scattering debris and broken glass across the floor. The driver of the cart, a rough-looking man with a scruffy beard and a dirty shirt, is struggling to free himself from the wreckage.

Several of the other guests are trying to help the driver, while others are hurrying to gather up their belongings and flee the scene. There is a tension in the air, a sense of danger lurking just beneath the surface.

Julien picks his way to the wreckage of the cart and finds that the driver is trapped under one of the wheels. He is groaning in pain, and his leg is badly broken. As Julien approaches, the wild look in the man’s eyes, almost keeps the brave adventure from noticing the man’s clothes are torn and dirty.

While Julien tries to help him, a commotion arises from outside the inn. Julien turns to see several men in dark clothing approaching, their faces obscured by the shadows. They are armed with swords and daggers, and they look dangerous.

Something about these men suggests they are the ones responsible for the cart crash and that they are here to cause trouble. Julien takes a defensive stance, ready to protect himself and the other guests from their attack.

The men enter the inn, their eyes scanning the room for their target. Their malevolent intent is palpable, and Julien knows that he must act quickly.

He engages the men in combat, parrying their attacks and striking back with quick and precise sword strikes. The heat of battle rises in his veins as he fights for his life.

After a fierce struggle, Julien and a few of the other patrons manage to defeat the attackers, driving them back and forcing them to flee. Catching his breath, one of the patrons mutters that these men were not just common thugs but members of a dangerous pirate gang.

Noticing that one of the pirates has left behind his moral coil, Julien stoops to search the body. He discovers a letter tucked into the jacket pocket. The letter is written on rough parchment and sealed with a black wax seal bearing the mark of a skull and crossbones.

Opening the letter, Julien finds reads a message from a pirate captain named Ezekiel Redhand. The letter instructs the pirates to attack the Blue Parrot Inn and capture a man matching the recently landed young man’s description. It also promises a generous reward for their success.

It appears that Julien has unwittingly become a target of the pirate captain, and that his life is in danger. But the letter also provides a clue - if Captain Redhand can be found and defeated, one may be able to put an end to this threat once and for all.

In addition to the letter, Julien finds that the pirate carried a small pouch of coins and a silver locket. The locket bears a crest depicting a ship at sea and the words “For valor and bravery” inscribed on the back.

Julien pockets the loot, feeling a sense of satisfaction at having defeated the pirates and uncovered their plot. Glancing about, he now notices the many injured patrons. Henri miraculously seems unscathed, going about from guest to guest. Julien straightens with some effort and goes to help. After helping tend to the wounded, he eventually makes his way back to his room.

As he drifts off to sleep, his thoughts turn to the events of the day. A sense of pride at having defended himself and the other guests of the inn washes over Julien, but he also feels a growing sense of unease.

Redhand and his crew will not give up their pursuit so easily, and Julien wonders what other dangers lie ahead.

Despite his worries, he soon falls into a deep and restful sleep with dreams of high seas adventure and sword fights, of treasure and glory.

The dreams are interrupted by a sudden noise, a sound of scraping and scratching at the chamber door. Julien awakens with a start, his heart pounding in his chest.

Someone is trying to break into the room! Rising quickly from bed, Julien grabs his sword and prepares to defend himself.

Julien carefully positions the lamp to shine on the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever is trying to enter the room. Then, with sword at the ready, he swings the door open quickly and steps outside.

The flickering light of the lamp, details a shadowy figure standing just outside the door. The figure is dressed in dark clothing and wears a black mask over their face.

With raised sword, Julien demands to know who the intruder is and what they want.

The figure remains silent, but the sound of footsteps echo down the hallway.