Character build idea (voodoo doll)

I have not seen it done yet, though I am a new to patherinder 2e. how would you build a living voodoo doll? This is partly mechanically speaking as well as ideas on how to make the character even more fun as a concept. I am assuming build wise a poppet witch would fit a voodoo doll best to keep the same theme concept etc.

Thoughts from others?

so would u be a poppet race or have a poppet familiar

I was thinking being a Poppet and being a voodoo doll that came to life, but still uses itself to perform “voodoo” but that might get odd with flavor stabbing itself in the head with a needle to cast Daze type thing.

i think doin the poppet familiar would be more of the voodoo doll thing

Poppet witch with the Needle of Vengeance hex. You could also take the Patron of Fate and use needles as flavor for divination spells.

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