Character Builder Content for Buying Books in the Reader?

Will buying a book in the reader unlock content in the character builder when it is released or is character content planned as a separate purchase?

My assumption is that it works like D&D Beyond and the character builder will only have the options from the books you’ve bought.

Yes buying the book is buying it will include the other functions on the site they are not separate purchases.

Purchasing a source will unlock its contents to be available in the digital reader, character builder, and digital character sheet, as well as future tools we haven’t talked about yet like an encounter builder, etc.


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When you say purchase a source book, does that mean purchasing it specifically through

Also, does the source book purchase need to be the physical copy, the pdf copy, or both?

Thank you

What I mean here is purchasing a source on Pathfinder Nexus unlocks everything in that source for use in the digital toolset.

This is unrelated to any purchases on (physical or PDF). Using the contents of game content in the tools requires the source to be unlocked on Pathfinder Nexus.

However, if you connect your account to your Nexus account, purchasing the PDF of a specific book on does give you a 33% discount on purchasing it on Nexus. And purchasing a specific book on Nexus for full price does unlock the PDF on



Will there be the ability to buy character options a la carte, like on D&D Beyond? For example, I already own the physical copy of the Ancestry Guide, would I be able to just buy the ancestries for the Character Builder instead of paying for the whole book?

That is the plan, yes!

Awesome, thank you!