Character Builder Feedback for Character 5405


Just built a dwarf fighter, and I’m seeing under “Actions and Activities” that two feats show up twice: Shield Block and Sudden Charge. Not a huge thing, but wanted you to know.

It would also be nice to have “add item” be available by Category, rather than just one big list of alllll the items in PF2 (there’s a lot). Armor, Weapons, Magic Items, Consumables. Just wouldn’t want it to be too overwhelming to new players, but having a speedy search function definitely helps.

Otherwise, the character creation process was slick and easy - definitely going to recommend it to new players (I have a lot of sunk cost into another platform, but certainly willing to help spread the word).

Have a good one!

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Yep - have a good one!

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