Character builder issue: Cleric deities

I took the Ancient Elf ancestry, which gives me a Dedication feat at level 1. I picked Wizard as my class, and Cleric as my dedication feat.

It then asked me to select a deity, but only gave me the first page of deities to pick from… Aakriti through Ashava, with no option to advance to the second page.

Thank you for the great tool! I look forward to using it when it’s completed!!

Thanks for this feedback! We’ll look into what might be causing this once we get back to work on Monday. :slight_smile:

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This should be resolved now!

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Hey there, I got another Question regarding the Dieties. Is there a plan to open the Diety Selection so that Homebrew Gods could be created?

Homebrew tools are on our roadmap for this year, so I expect that once homebrew has been rolled out, that will be an option. :slight_smile: