Character creation Alpha W2 feedback

Much improved over week 1, the selection of multiple attributes is faster. For example, when you have to pick 3 abilities to boost there isn’t a long lag before you can select other attributs.

When selecting a class for your character, I feel the expander should be open when the lowest class level hasn’t been completed yet. You can expand other levels to have only one level expanded at a time, but it’s clearer what you have to select to move on if you expand the panel until it’s completed:

I can’t remove a bloodline once I pick it:

Can’t seem to select spells yet and complete the character.


Here’s where I can’t clear bloodline:

I would also be nice to enter these issues into dev ops or jira or whatever you use for work item tracking so we can see if the item is approved or completed.

Thanks for the feedback! Are you still seeing this issue with changing your Bloodline selection? I can’t seem to replicate it on my end, so I wanted to double check. :slight_smile:

I can select and remove dragon type, but I cannot pick a different bloodline once I pick the dragon bloodline.