Character Creation PF2e Initial Feedback

Good evening, all. I’m super excited to be testing out this feature and offer my feedback.

  1. Getting Started
    This portion of the tool is fantastic in that it includes a display of the basics of Character Creation and does not expect you to know what you’re looking at right away. I love the visual division into thirds. I can’t wait to see the Preferences And Rules once it is finished.

Ancestry, Background, Class -
I love how the information from sourcebooks is organized. Love having a small summary and then the dropdown to expand the descriptions further. Love how it pulls up class information from the rule book to display in the right third.

My main feature I’d like to see if it is not already in the works or covered under another feature would be a way to filter out content I do not own. For example, since I do not have the Advanced Player’s Guide, it would be nice to filter out those classes and features. Additionally, I could see it benefiting from a “Next” button once I have completed a portion of character creation.

Appreciate all the work and excited to see how it develops further.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile: