Character Creation tool general feedback (video form)

A bit of feedback with an instance of interruption. Abomination vaults is the AP the cleric was made for and backstory is tied to Demiplane PT2E character creator general feedback - YouTube

Thanks for taking the time to share feedback.

It’s certainly an odd screen resolution / size I’m seeing in the video, and it looks like some heavy appscaling going on to resize all the sections like that.

I can look at what would be dimensionally a smaller size in aspect ratio and I don’t see the content breaking out of the containers, etc. like you do.

If you have the time, it would help us track down an edge case like this if you could share what screen resolution that is (going to this site is an easy way to tell:, and if you can check out in your display settings what your app scaling percentage is (my guess is somewhere around 200%, but knowing specifically would help).

Thanks again!

ok that is telling me 1280 by 648. My native resolution is 1920x1080 and Windows’ built in accessibility feature is what adjusts it.

Very helpful - thank you!