Character Heritages and other things

My options for character Heritages are locked behind buying the material when I already own the relative material on this website.
Perception is under the Skills Training tab in the character builder when it’s not a skill in pf2e. Also able to glitch it into being trained up to legendary by untraining and then retraining in it
Choosing the Eldritch Trickster Rogue Racket doesn’t provide a drop-down to select an appropriate spellcasting archetype.
I chose Arcane Sense as a skill feat and detect magic doesn’t appear under spells in the character sheet… I also don’t see a way to add a spell I might learn (if possible for a different class)

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Seems that’s a bug or something, they weren’t locked yesterday
I’ve got character with non Core ancestries and going back I can’t even select the already selected Ancestries, it’s got an “Unlock” Button (and no, I won’t pay twice)

Hope it’s fixed quickly, because I can’t even use the Core ancestries… it asks 1$ to unlock them… Humans, Elves, Dwarves…

Can’t build any new character until that’s fixed.

That sounds like a bug. Could I get both of you to fill out a support ticket for us to get some additional information from you for us to fix it?

Ticket opened, #2116