Character HP is lower than intended

This issue is for Pathfinder Character Creation

I checked my character page to see if there is anything I can play with, and I noticed that the Max HP for the character is set to 10, but the current HP is 19.
I realized that the Max HP calculations may or may not be flawed. I attached a screenshot of the HP info.
Given the numbers 8, 10, and 2, the sum is 20, but I only had 19 HP before and now 10 HP, based on what is displayed on the side.
I look forward to hearing back about this.

I will also attach a more detailed screenshot

I have the same for character #9402

Seems that the Ancestry HP and CON modifyers aren’t taken into account, only the Class HPs are.

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Thanks both, we noticed this is happening in some instances last night and are looking into it. Could you just quickly confirm what browsers you’re seeing this in?

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So I’m using Microsoft Edge on my computer to view the character sheet and tools.

Chrome and Vivaldi for me (both on Linux)