Character Information Disappeared

I just wanted to make you aware of a problem. I had a character named Button and I was going through my character to verify the 1.4 changes and switch some things based on those changes. I changed her armor from chain to leather and was looking at a possible mixed ancestry. I’m not sure when it happened, but in doing one of those things (or some other problem in Demiplane that I somehow triggered), my character’s name, image file, traits, experiences and backstory details all just vanished.

Luckily for me, Button was not a complicated character and her backstory details were brief. I’m now going through and taking screenshots and copying text to text files for all of my characters in case something like this happens again. On some character, that would be devastating.

One, please look into this. I’ll fix my character, but I don’t want it to happen to anyone else.

Two, you guys really need a way for us to print our characters out. I know you want us to use your tool and that’s fine. But having a printout as both a table reference (phone batteries only last so long) AND now as a backup in case Demiplane eats my character, that would be a really good thing.

Thank you so much for the report, and I’m sorry to hear that happened to you. I’m able to reproduce it on my end, and I’ve got the team working immediately on figuring out what’s happening here.

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As Mellie mentioned, we’re seeing the issue you reported with some characters after the 1.4 update. We’ll get that resolved.

Regarding this, we are already working on PDF exports. As a note, the reason that feature doesn’t exist yet has nothing to do with us wanting you to use our tool (because exporting a PDF is still using the tool), but the fact that a roadmap is sequential and we had to start with getting the character tools to work first, then add those additional features.

We’ll share the news once PDF exports are live.


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If you’ve reproduced it you might already know this.

It’s definitely related to changing your starting armor. When I removed the armor that I had been wearing, there’s a brief “glitch” that dropped me out of that screen and back to one before it. After that, when you go to view your character, that’s when the info is missing. I noticed it when I was updating another character and had the same thing happen. I tested just the armor on a third character and that’s when it happened, so it doesn’t appear connected to the mixed ancestry thing.

Thankfully, that first character is easy to remake. These other two, I have backups of all their info, so I can handle them just fine. I won’t touch any others for now. 8P

The issue should now be resolved. Thanks again for the report! Thanks to your help, we were able to catch it early. Much appreciated!

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