Character is a nameless wanderer

Character is a nameless wanderer. Character selection shows his name.

Loading up the character to edit / user changes his name to nameless wanderer.
Tried to rename him but the change did not stick.

Hi kaffien! Did you select “Save Changes” before navigating away from the builder?

This is an old character. He has a name. I click on his sheet to open / edit… he doesn’t have a name. I try to change and click on save, still has no need in the sheet. When i got back to the character selection he still has his name.

I see, thank you for the clarification! When you say he’s an older character, do you have an idea of approximately how old? Weeks, or months?

months old for sure.

Thank you! Can you drop a link to the character in question when you get a chance? We may be able to make something happen. :grin: You can also fire me a direct message if you’d prefer!