Character Manager and Foundry Support

So I am putting this in as something that I have been excited about since Pathfinder Nexus was first announced: The Character Builder!

I am really excited about having a character builder in the vein of … that other site ;). But I do have a question/concern/suggestion. I have recently started using Foundry. It’s a great VTT but it has the limitation that you can only be logged into one game at a time. So if I have more then one game going at a time (I have at least 4) then they all cannot fiddle with their sheets in Foundry at the same time…and currently the importer from Pathbuilder is not working, with no sign that it will again in the near future. I personally would love to be able to integrate the Nexus Character Sheet with Foundry so that my players could still mess around with their Characters no mater which game was currently open.

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That is something that is probably going to happen through a mod from Foundry like with Pathbuilder.