Character sharing set to "Anyone with the link" should not require Demiplane login to view

Reasons it should be this way:

  • If the PC is using Demiplane to manager their character, and the DM is not, the DM should not have to create a Demiplane account to view their PC’s character sheet.
  • Sharing character sheets is a great way to promote the platform, especially considering how beautiful the character sheet themes have become. If you post your character build on social media, having it locked behind a login will ensure that Demiplane generates no new users from that interaction.

This would help drive more interest in Demiplane too. Let people see what the sheets look like.


I’m going to add my vote for this as well and not just PF, but all sheets.

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I’m also behind this, also not just for PF

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Do you know if the behavior you described, and that I noted tonight and came here looking for clarification about, intended or a bug?

I wanted to share my welt created daggerfall character with my group of friends and realized they would need to have demiplane accounts. So I didn’t and I was bummed and the dear sweet sprites of the forgotten woods wept.

Demiplane how could you make those adorable little flying murder lights weep??

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Quick note on this one - we like (and kind of need to keep doing all this stuff we love doing) for people to have a Demiplane account - it’s also very quick, easy, and free to get one.

“Doing” anything with the character sheet would definitely require the login, as that’s the only way it would work with all the personalization, saving, etc.

Having said that, we’re taking a look at not requiring a login for the initial read-only view. It’s just not currently set up that way since A) registering for an account is such a simple process and B) the current implementation needs that login for so much we set it at the highest levels.

But we appreciate everyone sharing the feedback in this thread, as hearing these preferences helps us prioritize what we tackle on the roadmap.



I truly believe it’ll encourage others to create their own accounts and engage with Demiplane. I love how this site functions and the character sheets are simply some of the best examples of what Demiplane has to offer.