Character Sheet Actions

I do not see a section for melee attacks anywhere.

If you add a weapon to your equipment, it should appear on the Skills & Actions tab in the sheet.

what about unarmed attack?

I would suggest adding Melee Attacks in a separate column. Since every character gets unarmed strike, it should already be on the list. Then have weapons populate as they get equipped.

Yes - having the unarmed attack display by default is on our list (and will be removable for those that don’t want to see it all the time) - we haven’t quite gotten there yet.


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Found another issue that isnt something major but if you are at max health and do a heal and say the heal is for 15 it will let you go past your max. for example max health of 160, then get healed for 15 it will show 175 health but max health is 160.