Character Sheet doesn't scroll properly

There seems to be an issue where the bottom of the actions box gets cut off — and that they are in their own scrollable box. So basically there’s two elements: the page, and the actions, that each scroll independently.

hopefully some screenshots help:

Thanks for the feedback and the screenshots!

Instead of creating my own post around the same lines, I’d like to piggyback on this one since it is related

With how you all have this page generally designed, I think it isn’t a great experience for me to have the overall page scroll at at all. I would suggest tightening this up so that the bottom section (skills/actions, equipment, etc) box doesn’t extend beyond the viewport. Having to scroll down to see the bottom of those sections, only to then scroll within those sections doesn’t sit right with me.

From what I can see, your simplebar div is the right size, but the elements underneath it are larger despite using “height: inherit” or “height: 100%”. I’ve encountered this in my work before, and it usually stems from the div height being calculated based on the viewport size and not the size of the containing div

When you allow scrolling down the entire page, you are now covering some necessary character information like HP, AC, initiative, etc. It would be great if all the things on the top of the character sheet could remain in view no matter what section you are looking at on the bottom

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I’ll briefly chime in here to share that we have not optimized anything with mobile or responsive screen sizes yet in the alpha, and that would include tightening up any areas that need or don’t need scrolling or need to be fixed or hide.

Those things will come a little later in the alpha, but before the public beta.

We appreciate the posts and we’ll provide updates as we have them.


My screen is 1920 x 1080, so I don’t think it’s a responsiveness issue. Appreciate the note, however!

I am using the term “responsive” more literally (and that’s why I mentioned mobile or responsive in my post) - as in, that area will be sized dynamically based on screen size.

Regardless, that area not sizing and scrolling properly is on our list and it will work correctly before we move to the Open Beta.