Character sheet feedback

Just playing around a bit since your last posted update. The speed is to the point where I can actually tolerate it now, so thank you. Mostly, I continue to be impressed with the general layout. I know you were working heavily on the equipment section, and I think I noticed it. I really like how you can sort by all the different categories. That is such a small, but really nice quality of life thing.

Similarly, I noticed today that the actions are split between those associated with the skills vs the others (basic, weapons, etc). Now that I have that figured out, I think it is a good way to organize it and will help for me and my players to wrap our heads around all of the options (we are all new). I ASSUME that you will eventually have the text about the action populate somewhere when you click on it in the skills area (the actions on the right half do this, but the ones in the skills area do not.) Please add that to the list if it is not already there!

I have 3 relatively minor issues:

  1. The black text on the grey background for the dice rolls is really hard to read – particularly for the smaller text at the bottom. I’m too old for that.

  2. Also, in regards to the dice rolls, I see that it seems to show the last 3 rolls. It would be nice to have a toggle-able ™ way to show rolls from prior to the last 3.

  3. That is the largest initiative button I have ever seen. It’s really going to irritate me when my players ask me how to role initiative. I guarantee someone won’t see it. I also imagine a board room where you guys are discussing the layout of the sheet:

Developer: “Adam, what do you think of the initiative button I created?”

Adam: “Bigger! It needs to be bigger. Much bigger!”

Good work, and happy holidays guys. Take a well deserved break!

Thanks for the feedback!