Character sheet linked to wrong character and also very, very broken

So when I try to open my character, Annibel, it opens Zahiri instead.
And also Zahiri looks like this;

(She was an unfinished character but I definitely did not do THAT.)

Can you please restore Annibel to her rightful place? Thanks :slight_smile:

More context, since I didn’t give you enough for tech support:

Both Annibel, and the copy I just made, in the “My Characters” section redirect to the very broken Zahri.
The Direct character sheet link for Ani does this also.


Thanks so much for reaching out, and I’m sorry to hear you encountered this issue! We very recently put out a fix that should prevent it from happening again, however that won’t automatically revert the character.

You should be able to copy this version of Annibel, which will give you back the proper character: Link to Sheet

Thank you! :slight_smile: