Character sheet number fields getting overwritten while typing/deleting

This is on the PF2E character sheet at least, possibly others. I also can only reproduce this reliably on mobile (either a mobile device or simulating via devtools). It happens in the hit points text box most frequently for me.

I will be typing in a field, and as I’m typing (or deleting), the text will be replaced. A really easy way to reproduce is to delete the value and try to type something new - as you empty the field, it seems to queue up something async that will re-enter the full hit-points after a second or so. So trying to delete the value and enter a new HP value is extremely difficult.


Hello rockeyeroll, and thanks for sharing!

This is a known limitation. As that field needs to watch other ‘stores’ of information due to other places changing in relation to it, we need to be very purposeful with what we call the ‘bounce’ rate in that field, and similar fields that act the same way. If we raise it too high, and you happen to be a speedy typist, you might find that on clicking the ‘apply’ button it applies a previous number instead of the one you just finished typing.

We’ll continue to keep an eye on the interactions there, and see where the sweet spot ends up, but I hope that helps give some context to what’s happening there. We’ll be happy to keep hearing your feedback on that interaction, as well!