Character Sheet Stress 'Bug'?

It’s a pretty minor thing, but the Stress ‘pips’ or check boxes are oddly out of alignment. It looks like they should be slowly growing larger, but the first 2 just seem… off. Otherwise, great sheet.


I’m not sure what you mean about the stress boxes - this is what we see:


The boxes get larger with a right sweep as they go left to right like they do with the paper sheet. If you’re seeing something different, could you share a screenshot?


Happy to!

Ignore the washed out colors - just an HDR screenshot effect. Note how the second block/swoosh is… higher I think than it should be. In your snip as well, that second block is a few pixels up.

Well, that is strange. Can you confirm which browser/ OS?


Got it - we’ll get it fixed. Thanks!

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Well thanks! I know it is a silly thing, appreciated.

Not small to us!

While we still couldn’t reproduce exactly what you’re seeing even in Edge, I think that should be aligned better now.

Thanks again.

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