Character speed not totalled with speed feats

If I select a feat that permanently increases speed, e.g. Fleet (General Feat) the character sheet only displays the speed given by Ancestry and a comment that speed has increased by 5 feet.
If I select both Fleet (General Feat) and Nimble Elf (Ancestry Feet) It doesn’t combine both for a total of 10 feet speed increase.

It would be good for the Speed on the Character Sheet to reflect the total speed from both Ancestry plus Feats, instead of the base Ancestry Speed only plus a comment.


I’m not even seeing Fleet’s speed bonus mentioned on my speed breakdown at all, nor am I seeing the penalty from Full Plate being applied. Additionally, Full Plate on the speed breakdown is saying that I have a -10ft speed, when I have 18 Strength (and thus it should only be a 5 foot penalty).