Character Story/Background field?

I’m not sure how many people do this, but we like to do it at our games. Usually have the players write a story/background (not sure if calling it background might make it confusing with the background term already existing) about their characters. It gives the GMs a little extra info to help flesh out the characters. I’m guessing this would go under the Details section under Campaign Notes? The Other Notes section feels more like a field that the players would write down names, places, etc about the campaign their playing.

We don’t have a dedicated backstory field as of this time, but that could change in the future. In the meantime, you could use either of those Notes fields for your backstory on the sheet.

In my experience, the players who want to write out their backstory will do it whether or not there’s a field on the sheet for it, but we could make a dedicated field for that if it’s something that people are interested in seeing on their sheet. :slight_smile:


Hey i am with you about the backgrounds i just have the players write in discord under dm room or if it is face to face i have them write it on paper and give it to me. It would be awesome if it was on the builder. But as they said they are working on it so we will get that soon i am sure

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