Character Tool Alpha feedback - Bjorn N'Peril Lvl1 Barbarian

Good start, I see much to look forward to.

Feedback items:

  1. Performance - When you have multiple options such as skills or boosts it takes a long time to add multiple attributes. Singles seem to work fine.
  2. Character planning - Lvl 1 character, barbarian. Wouldn’t let me plan ahead future levels and pick what level i am to switch levels to test the build
  3. Dice roller - clearing the dice would be a good additional button rather than opening/closing the roller.
  4. Equipment - dynamic search to filter as you type needed, need to have more than one item as well…obviously this is just a skeleton of what’s to come so I won’t add much.
  5. Feats and Traits - probably just a skeleton of what’s to come, but need to have ability to show full text for feat by expanding it
  6. Initiative - split button for selecting something other than perception for init but still a one click if it’s a default roll
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Quick follow-up question for you, regarding #5: Are you talking specifically about the character sheet here, or within the builder?

In the character sheet when you are on Feats & Features tab, the right side slide in should have full description of the feat/feature

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Okay, that’s what I thought you might be talking about. Thank you! :slight_smile: