Character Tool Initial Feedback

I really like the direction and look of things, but wanted to start a feedback thread that I plan to add to with time.

  • I’m not in love with the first thing that you start on for the Getting Started section be choosing a Name, level, and portrait. The level is fine but I almost never build a character where I have a name and ancestry chosen first. This should come later in the tool, in my opinion.

  • The Heritages should have a rarity filter or filter to show/hide the non-ancestry specific heritages. I like you at least put them first and alphabetically, but would be cleaner to toggle them on or off.

  • Background Selection could use a filter for Ability Scores. I see you can type the shorthand version in the bar to narrow it down but it also brings up backgrounds with a name with those letters, i.e STR brings up Street Urchin snd STR boosting backgrounds.

  • I know its Alpha so I am not sure if the resources thrown at the tool are just lacking or if its a code optimization thing, but figured I’d mention the responsiveness seems pretty sluggish. I often click something then wait a few seconds for it to apply.

  • If I go to the Skill Training section under Class and then jump to something else, like Key Ability, Class Feat, etc. every time i go back to the Skill Training section, it adds the full list of skills again. I know see 4 complete sets of skills I can scroll through in the window.

  • I see no spot in equipment for currency, which seems like a big oversight.

  • When I add items to equipment, trying to remove them with the delete functionality does nothing.

Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

Great first pass at the tool. Simple, clean look, the aesthetics are a good first run.

Here’s some first observations:

the class section in the character builder is already ticked as complete once you are in the background box

Would be great to have description pop-ups for the skill training to help with choices

For the inventory add item pop up - please keep the pop up box open till you click away. Having it close instantly is tedious for character creation.

In the inventory box, sometimes when you add multiple items sequentially, and then equip them, nothing happens. For eg, I added leather armor, two sabers and a backpack one after the other. Afterwards, clicking on equip on the armor nothing happens.

Will keep tinkering and send back thoughts. Thank you!!!

Thanks for the feedback! We’re definitely planning to address each of the areas you’ve mentioned! :slight_smile:

So far I love it! They layout and feel is so amazing! I love the design so much. Some questions I have will come with understanding the rules more. Here are some of the bugs i am noticing:

  • When selecting feats, if the list is too long I am unable to keep scrolling. It gets cut off at the bottom and wont continue. I got to G and couldn’t see anything.

  • During level ups, I had to reselect my class to adjust each level. Clicked the class, select class again, then went back.

  • In addition to item 2 with the level up, I ran into issues clicking on the classes options per level. I had to either go to the character sheet then back to the character option again, or reload the entire character page.

That is what I have noticed so far. I think this has so much potential and capabilities!! Excited to see it evolve!

You can tell we’re diving into this with a vengeance =)

Couple more thoughts:

During Ancestry Options, Selecting Feats (due to General Training), I clicked on true seeing to see what it did in depth, and it navigated away from the page and had to restart. A pop up or a fresh page opening to read in more detail would be probably be best. The mouse over is great, but sometimes you want more.

For background there should be filters - for feats, boosts and/or skills


Thanks for the feedback both! :slight_smile: