Child of Notoriety Background Lacks a Choice

I was creating my first character and I chose the Child of Notoriety background. I noticed at the bottom of the description it said

Choose whether you’ve navigated your past through kindness or notoriety thus far. For the former, you’re trained in the Diplomacy skill and the Genealogy Lore skill, and you gain the Group Impression skill feat. For the latter, you’re trained in the Intimidation skill and the Underworld Lore skill, and you gain the Intimidating Glare skill feat.

However, instead of offering a choice, it trained the character in all the mentioned skills, and it gave neither of the skill feats

Thanks for reporting this! We haven’t finished working through the full list of backgrounds, so this is likely one that’s still on our to-do list. I’ve made a note for the team to make sure we don’t miss it. :slight_smile: