Children of the Blood - Support Thread

Children of the Blood is now available on Demiplane! Get your copy here.

This book has a bunch of new advantages to play with, particularly expanding on Cults of the Blood God content. Hope you enjoy exploring all it has to offer.

Please post here if you encounter any issues with this book in the reader, listings, or when using it’s options in the character tools.


In some places, the “social” in the “social roll” is wrongfully tooltipped as the socialite antagonist (from Second Inquisition) in the book and listings:

  • In the Grudge Masters Loresheet level 1

  • In the Cleopatras Loresheet level 2

  • In the Meneleans Loresheet level 1

  • In the Church of Caine Schism flaw

  • In the Cult of Shalim merit Insidious Whispers and in the Empty flaw

In the Loresheets section of the book, all dots are compressed together

Thanks so much for the reports! We’ll get that fixed.

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Fixed those tooltips!

I’m not able to reproduce the display with the loresheet dots. Could you let me know what device/browser you’re on for that? I’ll dig in deeper from there!

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Thanks Mellie.

I’m using Google Chrome (v.126.0.6478.62).

The dots bug only happens inside the book itself, on the Loresheets listing its correct.

Awesome, thanks twiggy! I’ll dig into that more and see what I can figure out. :blush:

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