Class Feats and Proficiencies - Cannot Set

I was trying to choose my character proficiencies, ability boosts, feats, and methodology for an Investigator character and could not select them - it always showed the “Choosing your Class” screen instead of the expected boxes to select said items for the characters.

Thanks for reporting that. We’ll look into it!

What browser are you using when you encounter this?

This was on Arc Browser (Chromium based). On Safari, I had a black box covering the level feats until I clicked the feats for another level.

Thanks! Was this on mobile? We’ve seen some folks encountering that black box in Safari on mobile before, but we haven’t spent much time optimizing the builder for mobile and tablet yet. For the time being, using a computer is going to be the most reliably way to access the builder.

Nope! Safari on Mac.

Interesting. We’ll look into it!