Class kits

hey is there a reason why there is only class kits for the classes in the core rulebook and advanced character guide. would love to have player kits for the magnus and physic etc.

They are a work in progress. As you’ve pointed out, we’ve begun adding some class kits, but aren’t done with all of them yet. Rather than wait until they’re all ready, we decided to release them as we went, so people can begin to use the ones that are done. :slight_smile:

Eventually, we plan to integrate class kits into the builder for you to select as part of character creation, but there’s some additional ground we need to cover in order to do that.


I should also point out that some of the newer classes don’t have class kits that have been published yet. In those scenarios, we’ll have to wait for Paizo to publish something with a class kit in order to make it available on the NEXUS. :slight_smile:

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This is probably the closest to an answer I’ve seen ( - Forums / Pathfinder Second Edition: General Discussion: Class Kits for Non-CRB/APG books?)

Personally, I’d say grab the standard adventurer’s kit and build the rest out yourself. Most builds are too unique to fit under one kit.

This is what ive done took me. Bit but i built class kits for every class

I don’t think class kits make a ton of sense.
Not every fighter wants a longsword, not every ranger wants a dagger, not every rogue will focus on thieves tools. Psychics may or may not want a weapon outside of spells. Clerics will be looking for their deity’s weapon. The classes are nicely designed to not constantly have the same gear make sense.

Yeah i did more of choose between from these list kinda deal