Cleric Divine Font

Character #9402

1st level

For the Divine Font, I have two entries, even if I can only select Heal (I don’t have the Versatile Font, and it’s a Lvl 2 Feat anyways) Seen on Chrome, Firefox & Vivaldi

There’s also no way to select a Domain (maybe that part’s not done yet?)

Another comment, is there a quick way to be able to go back to Character editing mode when in Character Sheet mode?

What’s the charisma of your Cleric? The divine font is equal to 1+charisma slots. It is also only the Heal and Harm spells and which one you have access to depends on your divine font, you can check on the choices you made on the character creator, you probably selected healing font.
The domain, or rather domains, are just those of your deity. The individual deity matters much more than the domain in Pathfinder.
The way I go back from the sheet to the creator is selecting the character portrait icon and from there clicking character builder.

The Divine Font “Spell Slots” arent the issue.

If you look at my screenshot, you’ll see two entries for “Heal”… since the only choices are Heal & Harm, you should only have more than one choice if you have the “Versatile Font” feat, otherwise you should be limited to a single font (ie: Either), with a choice only being available if your deity has both

And choosing a Deity doesn’t change anything, be it on the Font or Domain choice side… There isn’t even a way to choose a Domain, hence why I asked if that part was supposed to be already coded or if it’s “future” stuff.

Have you tried it with the versatile font to see if it changes one of the heals to harm? Otherwise there is no selection to make besides the choice made for font during the character creation process. You said the character was level 1 and that it doesn’t have versatile font. Unless you just want there to be only one line with the heal and that’s what I am misunderstanding.
As for the Domain, do you have any feats that ask for the Domain, such as Domain Initiate? Because I believe that’s when you choose a Domain from your deity. Outside feats the Cleric doesn’t need to choose a Domain.

No, I didn’t choose Versatile Font, that’s why I started this topic: I’m supposed to have only a SINGLE Font, but I have two on the sheet, without Versatile Font. The only choice I have with both is “Heal” and I haven’t even selected a Deity yet (and like I said, maybe they didn’t code that part about deity limiting your Font yet).

I have the Domain Initiate, but there is nowhere on the sheet where you can select Domain… I was asking about that as they might not have coded that either.

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You are right, there should be something under Additional Spells when you get Domain Initiate to allow you to add the domain spell, which is not there.

I did manage to find this in regards to the cleric font:

So it seems like they know the cleric font needs more work.

Yeah… The Font’s there on the sheet, that’s not the issue… it’s that I have too many of them :slight_smile:

Oh well, that’s what an Alpha & Beta is for…

We’ll take a look at it. Thanks for pointing it out. :slight_smile:

@joshuamsimons Are the spell slots connected to how many times it gets displayed? Like does it create the list of 3 heal spells and then counts how many items there are on the list to display the spell slots on the top right?

Nope… if you look a my first post, I had uploaded a screenshot of the “Divine Font” part…

3 slots and two entries for Heal… that’s it, nothing else for Fonts…

That is odd. I am very curious on how it is programmed. How many is your character supposed to have the 2 of the heals or the 3 of the spell slots? or neither?

I’ve talked with our dev team, and here’s what I think is happening:

We don’t have Versatile Font working yet, so no matter what level you are, these two listings are simply your “prepared harm or heal spells”. The number of spells listed there should be the same number as the number of divine font spell slots you have access to (I presume either 2 or 3 in this case, based on the limited information I have from that screenshot), so there’s a bug of some sort that our team is going to look into.

Great catch! :slight_smile:

FYI, I’ve got 3 daily slots but only two Font entry… so if they’re suposed to match “while we’re working on it”, it doesn’t…

It’s not important though, since you just confirmed that I hit a part WiP, I’ll revisit this eventually :slight_smile:

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