Cleric with champion archetype

Hello and sorry new to this was using character builder and on a cleric. Who chooses champion archetype can’t choose the same deity you chose for cleric. I’m probably just missing something and thanks ahead of time for any help.

Thanks for pointing this out. Could you please share your character sheet with us here, so we can get a better look at what’s happening?

You may need to update the sheet sharing settings by clicking on your character’s portrait and scrolling to the bottom of the settings sidebar to update your share settings to let anyone with the link view your sheet. :slight_smile:

This is the link It show Sarenae acquired and greyed out but can choose another Deity.

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Yes I have this issue as well


Thanks, our team is looking into it still. :slight_smile:

This also affects the ‘Blessed Blood’ Sorcerer Feat. Trying to make a ‘Chosen of Sobek’ character and went Champion/Sorcerer with Wyrmblessed Bloodline. Chosen of Sobek