Climbing kit not linked properly

Tiny issue, but: when making a rogue, the quick equipment package includes a “climbing toolkit”. In the old Core Rulebook this was correctly linked to the Climbing Kit item, but it isn’t linked in Player Core, and can’t be selected in the Quick Equipment Package menu. Took me a moment to realise this was why I had 5sp more than the menu says I should.

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll take a look! :slight_smile:

This should be linked properly now. :slight_smile:

nice. can confirm it’s now there in the character builder, though it seems there’s still no link in the relevant sidebar in the equipment chapter in the Player Core book (possibly because it’s written as “climbing toolkit” rather than “climbing kit” which is the actual name of the item in the gear section).

Because I’m a cool person, I had a look through the rest of the classes in Player Core and found a couple more discrepancies, all due to only being able to pick one copy of an item where the quick equipment package lists twice the amount:
Bard: the character builder gives 10 sling bullets rather than 20 (I think because a single unit item is 10)
Fighter: gives 10 arrows rather than 20 for same reason
Ranger: optional loadouts include 10 arrows rather than 20 for the same reason, and you can only select 1 shortsword rather than 2
Wizard: 10 crossbow bolts rather than 20

Thanks, we’ll take a look!