Closed Alpha Initial Take

Overall the set up of everything is looking good, lots of potential for a great character builder.
Only complaint I have is having to re-purchase any PDFs to unlock the rest of the content. While I am aware of the “discount” opportunity for linking to my Paizo account, but your “discount” cost the same price it already cost me to buy those PDFs from the Paizo store. If you set up a proof of purchase code with paizo to allow access to pdfs I already bought without having to pay a second time for the same content i already own would be a huge plus. Otherwise i’m very excited about the overall start of this program.

Thanks for the feedback!

Just so you know… this tool is not made by Paizo. They need to make a profit and also need to pay their licensing fee to Paizo so what you are suggesting is not possible.


I actually think this could be a solid character building tool for players to use, but I also agree with others who have posted elsewhere about printability of the sheet and ability to have a virtual sheet; the ability to use dice rollers on the Demiplane platform would be a huge plus, even if it is not necessarily required. I think it really benefits the GM and players when it’s available on the platform (also consider that the major platforms like Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Foundry all have those integrated; without this consideration, people may choose to migrate to those other platforms instead).

Running a Full Blown VTT is a lot to manage if you’re not using battlemats. Even then, there are some VTT “lite” like Owlbear Rodeo, which my group used with DDB ano it was “good enough”. no need to spend hours setting up Foundry to have a workable character sheet etc (yes, I’m exagerating a bit, but it still need setup just for the sheet)