Closing DnD Beyond Account

I have decided to close my DnD Beyond Account due to the recent leaks for the new version of the OGL. I know just one person closing their account won’t affect WotC at all, by if WotC sees their growth numbers cut they will care. It is a small act, but I love Pathfinder, Solasta and a lot of other content that relies on the OGL, so it is my small act of protest against WotC.


I’m with you, so there are at least two. Take THAT! (sheepishly looks at the hundreds of dollars spent over years of DMing there.)

I was coming here to see if there was any sort of response from Demiplane about this leak, but of course there is not. How could they, when the new OGL hasn’t even been released. Thank goodness that demiplane is using the same architecture for ALL their game partners, because who the heck knows what will happen with Paizo?

Regardless of how this shakes out, I don’t see me using them for a long time. Years.


Likewise, even if they backtrack a little it might be just a two step forward one step backward kind of maneuver and it would only be a matter of time before they push again.


Cancelled my DnD Beyond today. My current 5e game is wrapping up. Looking at PF 2e for the new game I am about to run.


Not deleting my account, but I have cancelled my sub. So sad, had a ton of characters on it. Love being able to design new characters! The character tool here cannot come soon enough, Pathfinder HERE I COME!!!


As a GM, as soon as I started reading through the adventure path I loved the way it was written and made it easier for me to get into the story and the world. I don’t know if you are thinking of using published adventures or creating your own, but I hope you enjoy running it as much as I am enjoying it.

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If you love creating characters, I would recommend checking out pathbuilder2e. I used it to help my party’s transition and character creation. It has a ton of character options from the different sources, so it is really fun to find out the options that more clearly reflect the character you have in mind.

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