Combat Finesse not there

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At least Combat Finesse is missing from the Character Tools.

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Camouflage seems to be missing from Basic Powers as well

Thanks for checking in! Those are both abilities that were in the playtest but Camouflage didn’t make it into the Core Rulebook. Combat Finesse was removed in one of the Playtest errata updates, so it no longer exists on the NEXUS. Playtest content is not supported in the character tools unless it was updated as part of the Core Rulebook release, which is why those two powers are not available in the character tools.

If you purchased the Playtest, you still have access to those rules in the reader and compendium, but you won’t be able to use them until homebrew releases and you can update them from their Playtest version to a new, homebrewed one that is compatible with where the rules ended up for the full release of the game. :slight_smile:

Ah, that brings me to the problem with not being able to filter out playtest data! Okay, thanks for the pointers.

You can sort by source in the listings, if that’s helpful to you. :slight_smile: