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How are the Dev Updates announced to the user base. I check the forums most days for updates about Pathfinder Nexus as try to decide whether to purchase it or not. It seems like the forums are not where developers announce new features. I happened to be watching youtube and one of the recommended videos was the November 9th Developer Update. This video answered some of my questions and I think it would be beneficial if there was an easy way to know the schedule for the dev updates.

I find this helpful: Demiplane - Changelog

There’s also the discord and every Tuesday is the Demiplane development update Livestream on twitch.

Yep, has H20s pointed out, we have the linked changelog, but for a dev updates, they are live every tuesday at 12 pm EST (11 am CST) on twitch :slight_smile: Twitch

This was today’s with a big announcement :wink:

Hello @trevco613, thanks for the question. In addition to the replies pointing out the changelog and when Twitch Dev Update streams occur, I’ll also share that we will indeed be sharing any significant updates here in the forums - that will happen in the “News & Announcements” subforum. You can see that I posted one of those a few days ago, and that will continue to happen going forward.

The important thing to note is that we are still extremely early at this point following the announcement, so there hasn’t been too much forward-facing updates yet (although Early Access has already been great for us to be able to tweak back-end things that will be a big help in the long run).

The significant updates will ramp up as we head into the early part of next year, and those things will be posted in the News & Announcements section too.

(There might even be a pretty fun update for the Digital Reader this week…keep your eyes peeled. :slight_smile:.)


Thank you for the response. Is there a dev update today? Also when do you think pricing will be revealed for Lost Omens and Adventure Paths?

No Dev Update today due to the shortened holiday week in the US, but it will return next week.

Pricing details for those products will be revealed as the content is added to Early Access between now and January. There shouldn’t be any surprises there, as the cost for each source will be in relative alignment with Rulebooks and the differences you might see for Lost Omens and Adventure Paths on More soon!