Compendium main screen suggestion

The drop down that lets you specify ITEMS, CREATURES etc should be pinned.
Most users aren’t going to think that link is a pull down.

You could also, make the search option apply to all the options such as ITEMS, FEATS Creatures. Then allow filtering to filter them out if the searcher wishes.

The link looks like it only shows where you ARE in the page.


Putting my 2 cents it was clear that is was in the you click on game rules to get to the compendium but once in the compendium I think they should have a way to which between them without clicking game rules to make it faster switching between sections.
I think having a icon or title that you can click on about the section title I think would be a good solution to this. Something similar to this:


This is pretty much exactly what I was thinking.

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Putting in my two cents, I agree with the above. Once you know that the dropdown is there, it’s easy to remember, but the first time I landed on that page I started searching on spells without realizing it defaulted to the Items list. It would be nice to have the category delineations a bit more obvious, both to make it more clear for new users and to save on the necessary number of navigation clicks if nothing else.

It was the same for me - took me some time to figure it out.
I also noticed that the overview menu does not show on my iPad Pro 12,9 (Safari Browser) when I hold the device vertically.


I originally thought spell is not yet implemented.

I think the top navigation would be an improvement - like a lot of the other folks, I had trouble figuring out how to access other compendium sections aside from Items.

That said, the majority of displays have much more horizontal space than vertical - I would like the option for a navigation pane on the left hand side of the screen that could be optionally pinned in place or revealed on mouse-over.