Complaints after reading the PF2E Player Core on Demiplane

I’ve had a few frustrations with the system.

  1. Spells don’t list how many actions they take. Is it one action, two actions, who knows?

  2. Why am I logged out all the time? It feels like I get logged out every 24 hours , which is annoying. Maybe I’m missing a remember me button somewhere?

  3. Getting to my book takes forever. Starting from, my list of games aren’t easily visible, so I have to click the hamburger button, then click games. Then Pathfinder 2e is third on the list, which means I have to scroll down, click on it. At this screen while there’s the explore books and bundles button, I view that as taking me to shop, so I click on the hamburger button, then click library. This pulls up a long loading screen, I wanna say about ten seconds. But that doesn’t take me to my books, but instead it takes me to all books, and I have to click to swap tabs to just my books. Finally at this point I can choose my book.

Please give me a shortcut on the homepage to go to straight to my books, all of them, and let me filter by game. An “recently read” list would also be great.

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Thanks for sharing your complaints (what we like to call feedback).

This is a by-product of the recent remaster changes since spells had this baked into their header description instead of the spell name before. But it’s on our short list to make the update to display the action count in the name.

This shouldn’t be happening. Are you logging into different devices / browsers? If not, please submit a support ticket where we can collect more information to get this resolved.

While we have plans to do some dynamic content displays in the future, in the meantime, there is certainly a better way to access your content more quickly than what you are currently doing.

It sounds like your focus is Pathfinder, so I’ll suggest that you use as your base URL since it will take you straight to that game. There are several buttons on the Pathfinder homepage that take you to your library. Or better yet, if you want to go directly to your digital library for Pathfinder, you can use

Once you’re on the Sources page, a second click on the “My Sources” tab takes you directly to all the digital books you own.