Confusion on buying from from Nexus & Pazio

Or some way for Demiplane to check if the customer has the source pdf on and just charges the difference.

Demiplane already has Paizo connect which gives you a discount for the sources you already have as a PDF on Paizo.

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Really? I have some of the lost omens stuff and it was showing full price on demiplane

Have you connected the accounts and/or refreshed the connection?
You can click your profile icon from the nexus > click account settings > click sync accounts > paizo connect.

Every pdf I own shows an adjusted price except for Abomination Vaults, even after I refreshed my linked accounts. I am really happy with demiplane and paizo and cant wait for what comes next

Yes, this is a known issue caused by the way that Paizo Connect interfaces between our system and Paizo’s. Since there is both a compiled version and a version where all titles are separated out on Paizo’s site, we are only able to connect to one of the two listings. However, if you submit a support ticket, we can resolve the issue manually if the discount isn’t showing up automatically. :slight_smile:

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the difference here is they are both pdfs not a website that contains the content in an easy to read format and a pdf, which people maybe don’t understand.
You could use all kinds of analogies of course like buying something from any store and you should just get it for free if you walked into a different one because you already own it…the difference of course if buying digital vs physical content.


As others have said in different places it’s really like going out and buying the pocket edition and then thinking going to get a discount on the hardcover because you already bought the book.

The difference here is you get the pdf with your purchase on demiplane or if you already have the book then you get a discount on the demiplane version, your not paying full price again for digital content. You didn’t get this with DDB at all since they don’t do PDF’s.


They helped me when I ran into this, too. Great support!


It does. Make sure after buying a PDF on you “Update” in your Demiplane settings so it sees the Paizo purchase. Then the price on Nexus is reduced.


No. The difference between the cases is that the content is at two different locations. Even if Demiplane sold pdfs… one wouldn’t be entitled to a pdf here just because one bought one at And that doesn’t change no matter how the content changes… especially if a new team creates new content based on the old.

Actually, if you email them, they’ll grant you a copy on their shop as well. They’re pretty cool like that.

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It is not like that, because every hardcover has per-unit printing costs. A PDF is produced once and sold indefinitely. I know I don’t want hardcovers because the print material is inaccessible due to vision issues*. A website I can zoom. A PDF I can zoom.
If I did buy the hardcover on Paizo for $30, they’d give me a PDF for free. Instead, I bought the PDF for $20.
If I buy the material on Demiplane now, the discount of $10 means I’m paying $40 total. If the Demiplane discount took $20 off and I paid another $10, then that would seem reasonable because I’m paying for a format upgrade. Instead of $30 getting me a hardback and PDF, $30 is getting me a PDF and the Demiplane version. The Demiplane version implemented content that was written by Paizo, and it is coded once and sold indefinitely without per-unit production costs. It does not seem reasonable to pay $40 total for two versions of the content, especially when it would have cost $30 if I had somehow heard about Demiplane before Paizo.

Print versions of any sort are irrelevant, but if the Pocket Edition has smaller print, the ink may as well be invisible for all the good it does me.

*Nerve damage, glasses don’t help, and if you get some super fine print and squint through a powerful magnifying glass for hours, you might get the kind of migraine which keeps me from doing the equivalent.


Also, when you purchase a pdf from you own in in perpetuity. You don’t have to buy it again in the future if your subscription lapses for some reason.


Reposting my answer to you here as well:

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Could something like that be a legitimate use case for NFTs? I’m not a bitcoin bro or whatever, but to my understanding, the blockchain can be used to track ownership of digital goods.
While no one cares about drawings of weird monkeys, for something useful like the contents of a book, you could prove that you own the content by presenting the token to any platform you use. You could take it to OneBookshelf for the Print-on-Demand and while you’d still pay for materials, labor, and shipping, but shouldn’t be charged for the content again. Like the PonD, there would be a labor cost on individual digital platforms, but there’s no additional material or shipping costs, and even the coding cost shouldn’t be too sharp since it’s produced once and sold indefinitely.