Confusion on buying from from Nexus & Pazio

Trying to get a better understanding of where I should be materials from. I don’t really want hard copy books because I do everything through my Surface. I saw I can buy just the PDFs from Pazio but does that unlock things in the Nexus for me or do I still have to buy through them? Should I just buy through the Nexus and does that unlock PDFs? I need some clarification.

This is the way. ^


A couple of days ago, we added a message to the PFN homepage to help:

CONNECT YOUR PAIZO ACCOUNT to unlock the PDF for any book you purchase on, or to get a discount on the Pathfinder NEXUS version for any PDFs you already own! Go to Account Settings > Sync Accounts > Paizo Connect from the Account Menu at the top right.


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I am also confused by this, but I am guessing that if you pay $20 for a PDF on Paizo, that to unlock the “virtual content” on nexus you have to then pay the additional $15 or what ever it ends up being. And all that is figured out by linking your Paizo account. I haven’t tried it myself, but that is how I read and took the posted quote there. Please correct me if I am wrong on my assessment :smile:

If you buy the Pathfinder NEXUS version of a book, you can connect your accounts and get the PDF for free on

If you already own PDFs on that you previously purchased, you can connect your accounts to get a discount on the Pathfinder NEXUS version of a book (typically bringing a $29.99 book down to $19.99).


In my opinion worth the investment to allow Demiplane the means to create an awesome platform and tool sets for Pathfinder and for a variety of other games


What happens if you get the Foundry bundle, e.g. the new Gatewalkers, from Paizo? Do you get the discount or can you get the VTT content through a Demiplane purchase?

The discount is associated with whether there is a PDF unlocked on your Paizo account. I’m not familiar with how other products are packaged, but if a PDF is included, it would work.

However you get to the place where a PDF is showing up on your Paizo account, linking that to your Demiplane account will provide the discount.


I think I can help with that.

If you get the Foundry bundle… it includes the pdf… so it counts for the discount on Nexus.

If you purchase the digital book on Nexus… you get the pdf… then you don’t need to buy the VTT bundle… just the VTT code.

Thank you! Sorting that now :slight_smile:

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Perhaps not, the Abomination Vault vtt code isn’t showing as available unless you go for the full bundle. Don’t really want to buy it twice

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Here you go. They have it set up weirdly.

The codes by themselves show up as unavailable for me too. But as long as you have the pdf… you can put it into your cart and buy it. I just bought Gatewalkers… and it shows up as unavailable.

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OK that was a fiddly process, the option for the vtt code did indeed appear after I’d bought a bundle on here, went for the Gatewalkers part 1 as it looked interesting and less expensive than Abomination Vaults if it all went pear shaped.
Getting the code into Forge and uploading to Foundey was fun too, had to get a bit of help from them un uplpading the whole data folder instead of just my new game world. Lots of nice people here :slight_smile:


Yay! On the bright side now you know the process… so it should be easier.

Sorry, this is disappointing. I’m simply not paying twice, maybe when a 3e version comes out fresh…wish you all the best for success…

The more I think about it the more curious I find the notion of paying twice. It’s like saying that because you bought the pocket edition you should be able to get the hardcover for a significantly reduced price. Yes, they have the same textual content, but they are not the same product. You are essentially buying a different edition.

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Maybe they need a Movies Anywhere kind of system for TTRPGs… haha

To have everything compiled in a single website, you mean?

I’m actually just joking… because that is what some people seem to think already happens. That if you buy Savage Worlds on DTRPG… that means you also got it on Pinnacle’s shop.

Though admittedly they are a poor choice… because if you back their Kickstarters you get both. But the point still stands.

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It’s a shame there isn’t a reverse upgrade option for stuff bought on Paizo to be linked to its counterpart on Demiplane, like the Foundry VTT only codes on Paizo’s store where you have the PDF content already.

You mean like buying an access key for Demiplane directly from Paizo?

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