Consider unlocking AP character options

My gaming group are long time HeroLab Online users and have made significant investments in unlocking content there. Despite this, I am tempted by Demiplane because of it’s all-in-one interface and some of the other player-friendly choices Demiplane has made recently (the War of Immortals Playtest support, the Remaster upgrade program). I was actually ready to pull the trigger on buying the Rulebook and Lost Omens content until I realized that the AP and other adventure character options were locked in the character builder, requiring purchase of the full APs for access.

We are about to start Stolen Fate, and plan to use the unique backgrounds, as well as the Harrow sorcerer and Harrower archetype for this AP. We have already purchased the AP from Paizo and the modules on Foundry. The character options are such a minor part of the AP from a content perspective, that 1) purchasing the entire AP on Demiplane does not seem worth it to unlock these and 2) from a data entry perspective they should be relatively minor (a few backgrounds, magic items, spells, possibly an archetype or two).

I would suggest that allowing users to access these character options for free may actually help induce groups to buy the full AP on Demiplane if they haven’t bought it elsewhere. Use them as advertising rather than a deterrent to the platform.

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Not staff, but it still takes time and effort to import those things into the system.

If it was purchased on Paizo, you should be able to link the account to get a discount as well, but people still deserve to eat even for adding a “relatively minor few backgrounds, items, etc.”

I appreciate the feedback as well as the effort that goes into producing the content. My point is that this locking this small amount of content behind a paywall in the character builder is preventing me, and likely other users, from investing several hundred dollars in the Demiplane platform in the form of the Rulebook and Lost Omens series. In addition, by giving this small amount of content away, I suspect it would induce more purchases of the entire APs. Gillette economics.

AP Content is kind of weird in that you kind of don’t want to use it outside of the AP, but you do want to use it during the AP.

So from a character builder perspective, it’s clutter most of the time.

Note that there is precedence for some content being available for free: Barbarian instincts are available without owning the sourcebook - Demiplane Feedback / Pathfinder Character Tools - Demiplane Forums

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Most if not all of the content is also available for free in the AP Player’s guide.